My name is Jose Santana Garcia and I am the president of EMC (Equity Maker Corporation). As a licensed contractor specializing in painting, I have experience executing both commercial and residential paint jobs.

The road that led me to fund this corporation started in 1996. This was the year that I immigrated into the United States looking for a brighter future for my family and a good job. The day I became a painter I believed I had found the job I had been searching for and that there was a future for me in that company. I tried my best to exceed as an employee there, but things changed. When there was a lot of work everyone was important, but that changed when the contracts were completed and there was not enough work to go around. At those times, only those that were close to the people in charge had work. During those slow times being a good worker was no longer important. That made me realize that  I could not depend on other people and put both my family’s well being and my future in their hands.

It was then that I decided to start my own company without quitting my old job, because it was a  still good job when there was work. For six months I attended a training course for future contractors that taught me about the laws and responsibilities associated with being a contractor. I attended this course twice so I could make sure I understood all of the terminology and to make up for my lack of english proficiency. I took the test to become a licensed contractor and managed to pass it on my first try.

I kept working for the other company another three years until I had the equipment and financial resources to pay the expenses needed to run my business.

The key to success is in creating a business plan. The plan needs to be realistic, meaning that it can be accomplished through a set of specific predefined steps. Following my own business plan I was able to start EMC. Since then we have managed to set contracts with some big companies and work for them exclusively, allowing the people in my team to have some stability in their jobs.

In that same time, EMC has managed to create a reputation of satisfying our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Jose S. Garcia

E.M.C. President